Summer Camp Awards

Every year Summer Horse Camp is a hot ticket item! Kids will spend the week learning horsemanship and making new friends. Campers will learn how to care for horses as well as how to walk, trot, canter and trail ride. The culmination of camp is a horse show with awards for all.

  • Registration opens at the end of January each year with a non-refundable deposit due at the time of registration.
  • Little britches camp half-day ages 5 and 6.  All-day camps ages 6 and up.
  • Camp begins the first week in June and runs through the first week in August.
  • Camp hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:30am to 4:30pm and Friday from 8:30am until after the show and awards.
  • Bring a lunch and a water bottle with a strap each day to camp.

Beginner & Intermediate Camp

Introductory presentation
Meeting the horses, learning how to groom, and safety around horses
Learn how to saddle, bridle, and mount the horse.
They will be guided through their first riding experience in the arena as they learn to start, stop, and steer.

Lunch will be eaten on the property in the air-conditioned Cowboy Cabin.

Horse Activities
Each day the kids will learn new aspects of caring for horses and learning games on horseback throughout the week.

Day 1 - Learning the Basics,
Day 2 - Arena Riding
Day 3 - Trail Riding and Techniques of Riding
Day 4 - Trail Riding and Preparation for Friday’s Horse Show
Day 5 - Horse Show for Family and Friends and Awards

Intermediate and advanced sessions are customized to the attendees’ skills but will include many opportunities throughout the week for riding.

They will also include:
Intermediate Sessions:
Learning greater control of your horse while trotting and cantering.
Centered riding and achieving greater balance on a horse.
Basics of barrel racing.
+ Much more

Advanced Camps & Barrel Camp

These camps are for the more experienced rider. In order to participate in Advanced Camp & Barrel Camp, you must be able to catch, groom, saddle, bridle, walk, trot, and canter a horse without help.

Riders work on control of their body and horse as they walk, trot, and canter.
Difficult trail rides.
Learn the judge’s expectations in show riding.
+ Much more