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Many of our children face challenges in their lives physical, behavioral and economic. But on the back of a horse, poverty, blindness, Down’s syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autism, Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy all fade away.

We know that anyone who ever had a horse or wanted a horse can remember that feeling. Old West Special Trails, Inc. relies on sponsorships, donations, special partners, volunteers, and gifts to make sure that resources are never the deciding factor for parents or families. We hope you'll join us. See for yourself the joy a horse can bring to a child's eyes.


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Our Latest Facebook Posts

It’s spring time and we have lots of events coming up we want to make sure everyone is aware of, and so you can plan ahead. We rely heavily on our boarders and other volunteers to make these things happen. Would you consider helping with 1-2 events?!

Please put these dates on your calendar:

March 24- 8am Deworming Old West Horses - Ivermectin We will need some help catching and deworming the horses. *Please make sure your horses have been dewormed by the end of this weekend.* 🐴

March 24- after deworming we would like to try to work on and finish the extension of our tack room. Many hands will make the work go fast! If rain ☔️ postpones it then we will reschedule for April 21. 🔨

April 6 - Summer camp Workers Applications due 🗒

April 14 - Old West Spring Show. Volunteers needed to help set up/clean up after and run our concession stand. 🐴

April 21 - Tentative work day to finish the extension of the tack room. 🔨

April 28 - Trailblazers classes starts. Volunteers are needed to make these classes available. Arrive at 7am and we will be finished by noon. Contact Angie Danner if you want to volunteer. Angela.danner@stjude.org

April 29 - We will honor our Old West Seniors. (More info to come.)

May 5 - Trailblazers

May 6 - CPR/First Aid class for summer workers @3pm. Location to be determined. Cost is $50 for those who were not trained last summer, and $25 for those who took it last year and would like a refresher course. You need to sign up for this class. Please contact Ms Debbie to sign up. cowgirldebbiecooley@yahoo.com 🧔🏼

May 12 Trailblazers

May 19 Trailblazers

May 20 - Summer Camp workers meeting @3pm. Location coming later.

May 26 - Final Trailblazers class of the spring.

May 29-30 Summer camps begin.

Facebook photo

Some snap shots around Old West today! I spy 4 little eggs in the last photo? Anyone know what kind of bird laid these? Sure hope the horses stay off them!

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