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    Changing lives one ride at a time

    At Old West we have a variety of programs for anyone who loves horses. Find the right program for you!

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    Homeschool classes

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    Grand Entry Team

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Many of our children face challenges in their lives physical, behavioral and economic. But on the back of a horse, poverty, blindness, Down’s syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autism, Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy all fade away.

We know that anyone who ever had a horse or wanted a horse can remember that feeling. Old West Special Trails, Inc. relies on sponsorships, donations, special partners, volunteers, and gifts to make sure that resources are never the deciding factor for parents or families. We hope you'll join us. See for yourself the joy a horse can bring to a child's eyes.


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From Dr. Dunlap:
A lot of clients have called about advice regarding the serious lack of hay situation in our area. I know it's scary to even think of running out given that it's only mid-February and hay baling season is months away.

If you have run out of hay there are a few options:

1) There are hay websites such as hayexchange.com and others who may still be posting some available hay. If you do not have the flatbed trailer capability to haul hay you might consider reaching out to a horse friend with a flatbed to haul the hay and you can split the load.

2) Consider hay substitutes such as bagged chopped hay, or soaked hay cubes. These are available at local feed stores such as Hall's and TSC. Gradually building up over a couple of weeks you can feed a fairly large volume of soaked hay cubes being careful to make sure they are completely broken up before feeding. I add hot water to mine, let them sit for 20 minutes then check to make sure they are cool enough to feed and dump them in to a feed tub. They should be the consistency of runny to just wet oatmeal when fed. One of our horses, a 28 year old Belgian, gets 13 pounds of soaked hay cubes (measured before soaking) a day divided up into 4 feedings.

3) If a friend has a good pasture and they will let you turn out on it that might be an option. Winter grass still has nutrition.

4) It is very important to avoid long periods of time with no forage on a horse's stomach to avoid ulcers so if all else fails consider adding in a complete feed such as Purina Senior 3-4 times a day.
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Good luck to all you who are supporting St Jude this weekend! There is a girl at my barn that needs a ride to and from the showplace. If u have an extra spot in your trailer message me please. Thank you for working together for a great cause! ... See MoreSee Less

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