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Many of our children face challenges in their lives physical, behavioral and economic. But on the back of a horse, poverty, blindness, Down’s syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autism, Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy all fade away.

We know that anyone who ever had a horse or wanted a horse can remember that feeling. Old West Special Trails, Inc. relies on sponsorships, donations, special partners, volunteers, and gifts to make sure that resources are never the deciding factor for parents or families. We hope you'll join us. See for yourself the joy a horse can bring to a child's eyes.


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Welcome to Old West!

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Mark your calendars and start planning your costume! Our fall fun show is on Saturday, October 28. Gates open at 9am and events will start at 11am. Here is our class list and a couple of pictures to give you some ideas.

Events $5.00
1. Costume class 6 & under
2. Costume class ages 7-12
3. Costume class ages 13-17
4. Costume class Adult

*Costume class ages 6-17 years old will be awarded ribbons for: Best Horse, Most Creative, Best Character, Funniest and Best Disney Costume

*Adults will be awarded costumes for: Best Disney, Funniest, and Most Creative Costume

5. Bareback ages 12 & Under
6. Bareback ages 13-17
7. Bareback Adult
8. Tennis Ball Drop ages 12 & Under
9. Tennis Ball Drop ages 13 & up
10. Water cup Race ages 12 & under
11. Water cup Race ages 13 & up
12. Dizzy Bat ages 12 & under
13. Dizzy Bat ages 13 & up
14. Egg and Spoon 12 & Under
15. Egg and Spoon 13 & up
16. Pantyhose Race ages 12 & under
17. Pantyhose Race ages 13 & up
18. Ride a Buck ages 12 & under
19. Ride a Buck ages 13 & up
20. Quads ages 12 & Under
21. Quads ages 13 & up
22. Poles ages 12 & under
23. Poles ages 13 & up
24. Beginner Barrels
*If you compete in this class you will not be allowed to ride in Jackpot barrels.
25. Jackpot Barrels

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